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Eric died unexpectedly in January 2024.  His photographer friends and family will continue his web site for a while, and we invite visitors to see more of Eric's recent work at 

His last photography project, portraits and interviews of Gallery A3 artists, will be featured at the gallery in an exhibit entitled Artists on Being an Artist, July 4-27, 2024. Please go to the GalleryA3 web site for hours and public Forum information and registration.

Welcome viewer. I have tried to organize my images so you can easily find the kinds of photographs that interest you. I'm not easily categorized as a "kind" of photographer, such as a wedding, nature, sports or travel photographer. You will find here a representation of what interests me in this vast, cluttered world we inhabit. I hope that some of what interests me in it, interests you as well. Happy browsing!

~ Eric Broudy, 1940-2024